How to Stop a Camera Jammer – Everything You Need to Know

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People use camera jammers to maliciously disrupt security cameras. They prevent cameras from recording or documenting ‌security footage. These jammers can be applied to both home and business surveillance systems. They’re often used as an invasion of privacy, or for criminal activity. 

Educating oneself on how to stop a camera jammer can prevent the loss of goods, property, or malicious intent. It’s also vital that you know how to properly protect your home or business. 

How Are Security Cameras Jammed?

Knowing how to stop a camera jammer starts with the basics. “Jamming” is a word used to describe any disruption to a security system or camera. They prevent the security system or camera from working properly 

Any security camera can be “jammed”. This is especially the case when the wireless signal is overpowered on the same frequency. This is typically taken over by a stronger signal. 

Only wireless security cameras are vulnerable to these. Wired security cameras can be jammed if a person tampers with wires or other kinds of connective equipment. 

Why Would a Security Camera Be Jammed?

The most reasonable explanation is also the least reassuring. In the case of jamming, you have to assume someone is up to no good. Likely, this means they are either trying to trespass onto the property, or commit burglary. 

With a camera jammer, a criminal can commit a crime without getting recorded or flagged. They can avoid facial recognition or hack a security system. Regardless of the reason, the act of interference itself is fully illegal. 

How Do Jammers Actually Work?

In this news report, a woman using a Ring security camera had her car stolen from her front driveway. There was no recorded evidence, despite the presence of the security camera. 

Wireless cameras that use WiFi networks to record can be easily disrupted. This, of course, prevents the camera from capturing moments of theft such as this. Wireless signals are pretty easy to block, as agreed upon by many professionals working in cyber security.

Criminals can buy jamming devices or a deauther. A deauther overwhelms the signal of the WiFi system and prevents it from recording. Miscreants buy these for around $20-$50, while jammers can cost upwards of $400. 

Most security systems representatives will attest that any wifi-enabled device is subject to signal interference. For enhanced protection, we still recommend opting for hard-wired security systems. Jammers and similar products are likely to become more popular as theft increases.

Preventing Future Jamming Attacks

It’s impossible to watch your cameras 24/7. Still, we recommend anyone with a basic security system routinely check their functionality. This is the first step to making sure they’re not being tampered with. 

Security professionals can use countermeasures to prevent interference. They have experience using and installing specialized equipment. Bockers, scamblers, or filters can reduce, remove, or protect against signals from jammers.

Physical shields and enclosures can also be constructed around the cameras in some cases.  These can help protect against electromagnetic waves. 

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Stop a Camera Jammer

woman using smart home security system control panel

Stopping a detected jammer is something we recommend leaving to a professional. However, reinforcing security measures against jammers can be undertaken by anyone. There are several steps you can take if you are concerned about potential interference or criminal activity. 

Inspect the Physical Camera

You’ll need to first inspect the physical camera itself for any signs of tampering. This could include noticing misplaced wires, or an external device attached to the camera itself. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, disconnect the camera and contact your service provider.

If the camera is connected to a local network, you’ll want to guarantee it’s secured. Check if the firewall is enabled and up-to-date. No unauthorized third-party devices should be connected to your network. 

Signal Detection

Appropriate signal detection software can detect signals coming from camera jammers. These types of software can identify the location and source of a signal, along with the frequency. Once detected, you can then take the appropriate next steps to disable or block the signal. 

Disable or Block Signal

Once you identify the signal, you can then block or disable the camera jammer’s signal. Typically, this is done using a device that emits an electromagnetic pulse. In turn, this interferes with the signal of the jammer and prevents its transmission. 

Contact Police or Law Enforcement 

If all else fails, or you’re concerned for your personal security, we recommend contacting local law enforcement in your region. Legal action can be taken against people for criminal activity in such cases. Jamming cameras or security systems is absolutely illegal

This can prevent the issue from recurring by warding off criminals or intruders. You can use these techniques and maintain up-to-date firewall protection on your network

File a Complaint

Do you suspect that an individual or organization is selling, importing, or distributing jammers? If so, you can report them to the Federal Communications Commission. You should still make sure contacting the Enforcement Bureau is your priority for reporting this activity. 


There isn’t a simplistic way for a person to block a jammer. When you know how to stop a camera jammer, you’ll understand that you need additional devices that disrupt the jammer’s signals. However, you can easily detect whether a jammer is being used on your cameras. 

This way, you can locate where the transmission is coming from. Then, you can use firewall protection, alert the authorities, or try to block the jammer yourself. Jammers are explicitly illegal. 

Regardless of your personal tech experience, we would recommend contacting the authorities. You can record the jamming using a software-defined radio (SDR), before taking it to local law enforcement or the FCC. 

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