TurboLock Keyless Entry Door Lock Smart Knob Kit Review

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Losing your keys, having them stolen, or getting locked out for any other reason can be a huge hassle. Apart from the expense of calling a locksmith to let you in and possibly change the locks, there is also the fear that someone else could get in using your keys.

One clever way to stop this from being a worry is with an electronic keypad door lock. This product can be fitted easily to most types of door and offers a secure, modern alternative to the traditional approach of using a key to lock and unlock your door.

TurboLock Keyless Electronic Keypad Entry Door Lock Smart Knob Review

This door lock gives you keyless entry to whatever door you fit it to. The aim is to make life simpler by allowing you to forget about using keys. Simply set up between 1 and 10 entry codes, depending how many people are going to use it, then you are ready to go. It is weatherproof and durable, so that it is designed to stand the test of time.

There is no backup key included. If the battery dies and leaves you locked outside then you need to use the backup battery pack to bring it back to life. This means that the battery pack either needs to travel with you or else be left in a secure location outside the door.

Who is this product for?

The good news is that the TurboLock electronic keypad is easy to fit. It can be installed just like any other type of doorknob, meaning that there is no problem for most users in getting started. It is probably best for someone who wants to simplify their life by forgetting about carrying around keys.

It is also suitable for anyone who needs to get give a few people access to a certain area. By allocating a few different codes, it is possible to allow others to get in while still keeping your own code a secret. The only issue some users may find is with the rather complicated codes and instructions that need to be memorized or else kept in a safe place.

What’s included?

Everything is included to let you get the door lock installed very quickly. The package comes with the keypad already fitted to the door knob. You also get the screws and other accessories needed to fit it, together with an instruction manual.

The backup power pack is also included. All you really need to buy in addition to this product are the batteries that are needed to run the door lock and the emergency power pack.

Overview of features

There are some useful features that help to make this door lock more efficient. For example, it locks automatically 3 seconds after you close the door, meaning that there is no risk of leaving your door unlocked when you go out. In terms of security, it is also good to see that there is a code camouflage feature. This means that you can fool anyone watching you by adding random numbers after the first digit before completing the code.

The 8 codes that can be set up include a master code, 6 user codes, and a passage code that lets visitors enter by pressing any key on the pad. It is worth knowing that the backlit keypad also lights up automatically when activated.

How to get the most out of it

There is no reason to think that this is going to be awkward or time consuming to get going. If you have ever fitted any type of standard door knob, you will be able to fit this electronic model quite easily. It is then important to carefully consider at the very beginning what code to use. The TurboLock YL-99 keyless lock accepts codes of between 6 to 15 digits, so there is a lot of flexibility in terms of the numbers that you choose.

To make sure that you never run into any problems, it is also worth thinking about how to store the backup battery pack. This needs to be stored wherever that makes sense, as you might need to use it one day if the lock’s batteries run out while you are outside.


  • Durable and weatherproof
  • Multiple codes
  • Easy installation


  • Uses batteries faster than it claims


One possible issue with this device is that some reviewers have noted that it can break or fail over time. If you want to be completely confident of years of trouble-free use you might want to consider a more expensive option with a higher build quality. For example, the Smart Door Lock, Intelligent Lock, DLTND Electronic Deadbolt is more expensive but has a better build quality as well as additional features such as a Bluetooth app that allows for remote unlocking of the door.


This is a useful door lock that is designed to let you forget about carrying around keys. The addition of a number of good features means that it does what it is meant to very well and should let you feel more comfortable about the security of your home or office premises.

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