LEONLITE Dual-Head LED Outdoor Security Light Review

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Living in a dark area with dense tree coverage evokes images of a creepy horror movie. Or perhaps you prefer the solitude it gives and taking the extra measures to secure one’s safety isn’t something you always think about.

Do you always put your trust in street lamps to illuminate your property during the evenings? What goes on in those dark corners?

Street lights don’t have movement sensors and they’re not bright enough for you to see what’s outside when you hear a suspicious noise. This makes you vulnerable to intruders and gives opportunity to anyone who doesn’t want to be seen lurking about your property late at night.

Having added security measures such as a sensory outdoor security light system is something you should consider. If you live in an area with too many dark corners, dense tree coverage and long winding driveways, it’s better to be safe than sorry. And we’ve got the perfect solution for you.

LEONLITE Dual-Head LED Outdoor Security Light

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The LEONLITE product is LED (light-emitting diode) double-headed motion sensory security spotlights. They’re weather resistant, durable and have energy-saving light bulbs. LEONLITE LEDs are used outdoors to illuminate dark areas with little to no light source.

They’re used for security purposes on small to large properties and the motion sensors are used to detect any movement on property grounds.


The LEONLITE dual-head security lights have had some upgrades since its development. The lights now have adjustable switch controls such as:

On-time mode

It allows you to adjust the floodlights to work as normal lights, by using a switch to turn them on when needed.


Allows you to set the lights to motion sensory mode. With this function, the lights will switch on when there’s any kind of movement. You can adjust the timer for when you would like the lights to switch off again.

D2D (dusk till dawn) mode

Allows you to customize when and how the lights turn on. This mode detects when it’s night or day. The lights will turn on during the evenings and turn off during the day time.

Who is This Product for?

The LEONLITE dual-head security lights can be used by homeowners with large to small properties with areas that are not illuminated enough. Company owners can use the LED dual-head to illuminate dark areas around the building where surveillance cameras can’t detect an image. Farmers can also use this product to pick up movement on their properties especially around areas with large, dense crop growth.

The LEONLITE security spotlights aren’t suitable for people that have disabilities such as epilepsy as they may trigger seizures. This product is also not suitable for areas that have low voltage.

The LEONLITE dual-head security spotlights are user-friendly once installed, however the installation may need to be done by an electrician or someone who’s handy with tools and a stepladder. It’s an inexpensive piece of equipment so even people who are living on tight budgets can afford this added security measure to their homes.

What’s Included?

The LEONLITE dual-head can come in either black or white. They have dual mode switches to adjust to your preference and a movable motion sensor. The following video it shows you the upgrades of the product


The downside of this product is that the brand doesn’t include a junction box. This will need to be purchased separately.

  • There are two light fixtures
  • They have durable metal exteriors
  • They have adjustable light directions
  • The sensor can be adjusted to specific areas
  • They’re made from aluminum shade material


  • 20W
  • AC power source
  • Motion activated
  • Color temperature of 5000 Kelvin
  • Requires LED light bulbs
  • 130V
  • 1800 lm luminous flux
  • IP65 waterproof rating

How to Use the LEONLITE Dual-Head

The LEONLITE dual-heads are easy to use and to install and this can be done by a professional electrician, a handy homeowner or a maintenance clerk. In the following YouTube video you can clearly see how this product is used.


  • Durable aluminum casing
  • Customizable options
  • Rated high for weather resistance
  • Easy to install
  • Between 30 and 50 feet of motion sensing


  • “All night” mode turns off after around eight hours
  • Not fully weatherproof


The dual-head LED lights are quite easy to find and they’re inexpensive, however it might be too technical to use for someone who isn’t tech savvy. If you’re just looking for something small that’s more user friendly and that doesn’t need a 24-hour working floodlight, you can purchase a rechargeable floodlight. Rechargeable floodlights usually come with car chargers as well as floodlight stands. Portable floodlights are suitable for camping and people who work in mines and caves.


Whether you’re a businessman, a homeowner or someone who has invested in numerous properties, floodlights are essential especially for properties that are prone to vandalism.

Spotlights aren’t just for added security measures; they can be used for outdoor evening events such as soccer, cricket, baseball and football. They can even be used to illuminate caves if you have a good power source.

The LEONLITE dual-head LED outdoor security light can be found in any local hardware store or leading online shops.

So what are you waiting for? Shine a little light on your home and enjoy privacy as well as security

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