LaView Security Camera Review

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Quick Overview

Price Range


  • Clear and simple instructions
  • Cost-efficient
  • Easy app interface
  • Large field of view coverage
  • No mandatory monthly fees


  • Volume quality of speaker could be better
  • Prone to damage if placed outdoors
  • Alert notifications need refinement

Security cameras have become more prominent in recent years, and thanks to technological advancements, they now come in various styles.

Nowadays, wireless models have become popular because they provide versatility when it comes to where you can install them. Security cameras with internet connectivity are an excellent method to monitor your house or business, allowing you to watch a real-time feed from virtually anywhere.

If you’re looking for a model with such capabilities, our LaView Security Camera review could convince you to consider it. Let’s check out this camera’s features and other relevant information.

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LaView Security Camera Review

LaView, a manufacturer based in the City of Industry, California, takes pride in offering top-of-the-line business and residential security systems that are easy to install. Since its establishment in 2013, its goal hasn’t changed to deliver a reliable security system for modern residential properties.

Its HD IP security systems offer notable features such as versatility, quality, and performance. Among the models under this LaView product line is the F1 WiFi Security Camera.

Released in 2020, it is one of the newest additions to LaView’s growing collection of WiFi range products.

Who Is This Product For?

Security cameras scan your property from inside and outside your home, functioning as an extra set of eyes and ears.

One of the primary advantages of security cameras is peace of mind, especially if you choose IP cameras with real-time feeds. They will improve your home security by allowing you to view your property anywhere and receive fast warnings of any strange behavior. 

Considering these benefits, it’s made for those who want to see what’s happening in their house or business at any given moment. For example, parents will now see if the kids at home are doing fine.

If they’re at an age where they are highly vulnerable, having the ability to check their status even while at work is a huge luxury.

Business owners and managers will also want a product like LaView F1 WiFi Security Camera because they can check in real-time how their employees behave. If you have multiple valuable items in your house or office, having a security camera will give you the confidence that they are adequately monitored.

Overall, this IP camera is for anyone who wants their property monitored adequately at any given moment.

What’s Included?

While the single-camera pack is available, the double camera bundle with SD cards is our LaView Security Camera review’s recommended package.

Considering these inclusions, you’ll be more equipped to provide real-time monitoring to your house. If you have children constantly running around, having multiple cameras is much more helpful in checking their activities.

The package also includes a head charger and a data line. It may not include items for mounting the cameras on the wall or ceiling.

As such, you have to check your toolbox for adhesives or buy them separately if you’re not putting them on a flat surface. Ethernet cable, which is most likely not included, is required to set up the desktop camera.

Overview of the Features

Considering its features, the LaView F1 WiFi Security Camera is a well-rounded piece of home security equipment. Here are some of its most notable features:

  • Easy Setup

Wirelessly connecting the F1 to your network is a straightforward process unless you’re not familiar with using computers and smartphones. 

When you connect the camera to your WiFi network, you may install it essentially anywhere within the vicinity of your property. With a range of about 150 feet, any modern home can accommodate this IP camera.

It’s recommended to establish the power connection into an outlet where it’s hard to reach to minimize interruption and eliminate the need for data cables.

  • Image Quality

While the 1080p video resolution is not as impressive nowadays, it’s still adequate for security cameras. This resolution is sufficient to provide clear and dynamic video quality.

You may also rely on it to deliver good clarity during nighttime because of its outstanding IR night vision. If the camera is not in a well-lighted area, you can see up to 33 feet to keep an eye on your home.

This IP camera captures the whole scene, dynamically illuminating the brilliant colors and rich visuals. Expect high-quality resolution, whether you’re viewing the feed over a computer screen or smartphone.

Thanks to the newest processor and image sensor utilized on the LaView F1 WiFi Security Camera, you can have outstanding video quality all day.

  • Storage

Cloud storage has become more critical in every video surveillance system than ever before. This software technology is essentially a network of servers linked together that provides data storage in a centralized location.

Cloud storage allows remote access at any given time, which means as long as you have the credentials, you can use any device.

The LaView F1 WiFi Security Camera offers cloud storage and a built-in MicroSD card for recording video. These options complement each other as both have their advantages and limitations.

To elaborate, even if cameras are damaged or fail and malfunction, the US-based cloud server will safeguard the video data. On the other hand, the SD card enables the camera to continue functioning if the internet connection is compromised.

  • Two-Way Audio

The F1 comes with a built-in anti-noise microphone and speaker, allowing you to communicate verbally with anybody using the mobile app. You may communicate with household members or call your pets remotely since the app allows your voice to reach the camera’s speaker.

As such, you can maintain vocal contact with your loved ones, babysitter, and other individuals in the house no matter where you are.

  • Motion Detector

Break-ins are becoming more rampant despite the advances in home security.

With the F1 WiFi Security Camera, it’s possible to receive push alerts to your mobile device whenever motion is detected in its field of view. When your camera detects motion, you can see the live footage and evaluate the incident that triggered the notification.

This feature is significantly convenient when all family members and other people are not inside the house.

  • Multiple Access

If you want to share the recordings of the LaView F1 WiFi Security Camera, you may grant access to others. However, they will not see the videos unless they make a LaView App account.

This is important if you’re going to a place where the internet connection is unstable, and someone else could take your place monitoring your house.

  • Compatible With Alexa

Alexa is the popular cloud-based voice service, which is enabled on a multitude of devices. You can utilize this Amazon gadget to provide a more intuitive approach via voice commands for people to connect with other pieces of digital technology.

With the help of an Alexa-powered smart display, you can easily access your LaView F1 WiFi Security Camera using a couple of words.

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How To Use

To enable the features of the LaView F1 WiFi Security Camera, setting it up via desktop or smartphone is required. Here’s what you need to do:

Desktop Setup

  1. Ensure that the camera is properly connected to an outlet via the power adapter.
  2. See if you have an extra Ethernet cable and link the camera to your router using it.
  3. Go to LaView’s official website download page, find the IP Search Tool and install.
  4. Once the program is available, open it and click on “Refresh.”
  5. If there are no issues with the connection, the F1 WiFi Security Camera will appear in the device list. You’ll see the camera’s IP address on the right portion.
  6. Copy the numbers and paste them on the URL of your preferred Internet browser. The login page should appear on your browser after you press enter.
  7. Type in your credentials to set its access.
  8. There’s a prompt that will notify you to download the browser plugin.
  9. Follow the steps and hit “Play” to view your F1 WiFi Security Camera’s live feed.
  10. If you’re mounting the camera away from your desktop, it’s advisable to set up its WiFi connectivity before you move it.
  11. Find the “Configuration” in the browser, then choose Network, Advanced Settings, Network, and WiFi.
  12. Select the WiFi you intend to use, enter the corresponding password, and press “Save.”
  13. Before moving it to the preferred spot, unplug the camera’s power adapter and Ethernet cable.

Smartphone Setup

  1. Place your F1 WiFi Security Camera nearby the router and ensure that your smartphone is connected to the same network.
  2. Plug the camera into the outlet and wait about half a minute to initialize.
  3. Open the App Store or Google Play on your phone, search for “LaView NET,” and download it.
  4. Once the app is installed, open and tap on the three-horizontal line button, select “Devices,” and choose “WiFi Configuration.”
  5. On the back of the F1 WiFi Security Camera, there’s a QR code on its bottom. With the LaView NET app, find the QR Scan button and scan the code.
  6. After you press “Next,” you will have to enter your WiFi password.
  7. Wait for about one minute until the camera is successfully connected to the network.
  8. If this is your first instance of opening the admin access, the default credentials are:
    1. Username: Admin
    2. Password: 12345
  9. A change password prompt will pop after the login is successful.
  10. Unplug the F1 WiFi Security Camera’s power adapter and transfer it to your desired location.


Our LaView Security Camera review might convince you that it is the best IP camera you can get. However, you could consider an alternative camera if you find this model lacking.

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If the price is not a deal-breaker for you, check out the Reolink RLC-820A Smart 4K Ultra HD PoE Camera. There is no comparison that it blows the LaView F1 WiFi Security Camera out of the water.

For starters, it offers a 4K resolution instead of 1080p, which is a significant upgrade. It has 18 infrared LEDs that emit invisible lights in the darkness.

With its range of 100 feet and noise reduction technology, you’ll have more visibility whenever natural light is not available.

The LaView F1 WiFi Security Camera’s limitation for SD cards is 128GB, while the Reolink RLC-820A can read up to 256GB. As such, you can potentially store more video data whenever WiFi connectivity is unstable or unavailable.

Probably the most daunting advantage of this camera over our featured LaView product is the IP66 Certified Weatherproof feature. You can put it practically anywhere because it is designed to withstand various environmental conditions.


The LaView F1 WiFi Security Camera has several attributes that make it a compelling product for monitoring your home and office activities. Its HD resolution, storage options, audio capabilities, motion detection, and other convenient features will make your home security more dynamic than before. While many alternatives exceed its specs, you can’t argue with the price of this camera.

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