How to Turn Off Ring Doorbell Alerts  – The Ultimate Guide

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Having a complicated security device for your home has become a thing of the past.

Nowadays, people are leaning into modern home security systems. These can include doorbells with security cameras and motion detection technology to help keep homes safe.

The Ring Doorbell is probably the most well-known wireless doorbell. I’m sure you’ve heard their world-famous doorbell chime! 

But with a doorbell that records video and audio 24/7, you may want some time with it switched off sometimes, for one reason or another.

This isn’t as simple as clicking the doorbell button. Anyone sneaking around your house could trigger the motion detection and security features. You may also struggle with the device settings, which lack a simple interface that allows you to switch your security camera on or off.

With this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about how to turn off Ring doorbell alerts.

Let’s get into it.

What Is a Ring Doorbell and How Does it Work?

using the doorbell

Some of you may be new to wireless doorbells. Maybe you have purchased one and have no idea how the device works in giving you and your family complete peace of mind.

Ring has introduced a variety of electronic doorbells as an innovative method of improving the security of our homes. From wired to battery power, these bells are engineered with sensors that send a motion alert straight to your phone. You can see who is at the door, even if you’re miles away.

So, it senses motion, but how do you receive the motion notifications?

Well, you can thank the internet for that. 

After you install your doorbell and download the Ring doorbell app on your mobile device, you will need to hook it up to an internet connection. This can be done fairly simply in the settings menu. 

Then, every time you hear the doorbell chime, you know the motion sensors have been activated. Helpful features such as a camera and two-way microphone allow you to identify and communicate with whoever is at the door.

If you cannot open the doorbell app right away, then you can take advantage of the motion record features. You can return to view this in your motion history later on.

What Are Privacy Concerns About Video Doorbells?

Having a 24/7 motion-activated security system can seem perfect, but this doesn’t come without drawbacks. They may make you think twice about having it turned on all the time.

Some have worried about its ability to record audio or video at all times. Even if it seems like it isn’t switched on, the doorbell cam is activated. Some may be concerned, if the motion recording can reach your mobile device, where else this data could be going?

Even if they use end-to-end encryption to prevent video recordings from ever being seen by others, it can still be worrying.

This device has received endless criticism from privacy activists who have major concerns about the privacy of neighbors who can be recorded by the doorbell. A judge in the UK recently ruled that this device was an invasion of their neighbor’s privacy,  due to the motion sensitivity recording them on their property.

Finally, the motion settings are extremely easy to set off. You may receive countless motion recording alerts throughout the day.

Hearing that doorbell constantly chiming can be enough to drive anyone crazy. If it’s going off because a cat walked by, rather than alerting you to a delivery person, you may want to adjust the notification settings.

These downsides might make you want to switch the doorbell off for certain periods of time, but not remove it completely. 

Many seek balance between security and peace from the motion warnings and mechanical chimes.

How To Turn Off Ring Doorbell Alerts


There are a few methods to disable certain functions of your Ring doorbell. While it isn’t as easy as it could be, by combining every step, you can completely turn off your Ring Camera.

Disable Notifications in the App

If you are getting fed up with all of the motion warnings and false alarms, then this is the best course of action to take.

You will need to access the settings in your mobile app, which can be found by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner.

Then, navigate to motion settings and click motion schedule. From there, you can set the time of day you would like to receive motion alerts, or disable them completely.

If you click disable, then you will not receive any notifications when there is motion at your front door.

If this doesn’t work, try to activate motion snooze to disable motion alerts. This means any motion detected by your Ring Doorbell will not activate the notification on your phone, while still recording motion and tracking it in your history log. 

Turn Off Motion Detector

If you are still wanting to make use of the motion detector features, then why don’t you try reducing the sensitivity?

The default setting for the sensitivity of the motion detector is pretty high and may be set off by a neighbor walking by, or other unnoteworthy things. 

You can adjust the motion detection sensitivity in the settings menu on the mobile app. By sliding the sensitivity down, or shrinking the monitored zones (depending on the type of device you have), you will not only receive the notification sound less often but save on battery life.

If these options aren’t enough, and the app is still bugging you incessantly, then you can switch off the motion sensors while still having access to the recording features and voice chat.

To disable this feature, open the app and log in using your user ID. Then, navigate to the sensitivity slider again, but this time, slide it all the way to the left. This will disable motion detection completely.

Disable Motion Recording

This third step, combined with the two prior methods, is the ultimate way to completely switch off your Ring Doorbell without taking out the battery and revoking your warranty.

While in the previous step you didn’t receive a notification for motion detection, it would still record whatever passed your doorbell. It would still store the notification, with the recording, in your history log.

We can disable this via two methods, depending on your type of device and how far we would like to go with disabling the doorbell’s features.

The first method, recommended by Ring support, is to switch off motion detection. By accessing the app and clicking on the device you would like to adjust, you can switch off motion detection completely. Just tap this button, and if it is in the off position, the button will be white. 

With this setting turned off, any motion detection will not be recorded in your events history.

If you would like to remove recording access completely and alleviate any privacy concerns, then you can disable motion recording. 

Open the app, click on the settings button, and navigate to the motion record control. Tap the button, and you will have completely removed any trace of recording when the motion sensors activate.

Disconnect the WiFi Connection

If you are looking for a hassle-free way of removing all notifications, recording aspects, motion features, and the loud chime from playing on the plug-in or your phone, then your best option is to disconnect the ring device from the internet.

You can do this easily from the app, by accessing the WiFi option in the menu bar. Then simply toggle the switch that says “Disconnect Ring Doorbell From WiFi” to on. 

Another fix could be to turn off your WiFi router, but this is a short-term fix — the doorbell will reconnect as soon as the router is back on.

Once your video doorbell is disconnected from the internet, it will turn into your standard, everyday doorbell. This means you will only hear the ring from the actual piece of hardware, rather than the one in your home or on your phone.

Remove It Manually

removing doorbell

The last method to completely remove a Ring doorbell is to disconnect it manually.

There are a few methods to do this. 

First of all, doorbells with batteries that need changing have a switch on the device that can be turned on or off. Newer generations of the Ring Doorbell have a battery that cannot be removed, and doing so will void your warranty.

You can also remove the doorbell manually using safety tools. 

Use the security screw tool provided to you to remove the faceplate. This should give you access to safety screws that, once removed, will allow the doorbell to come off. You can then remove the button from the doorbell and access the wires that you must unscrew to deactivate it.

Can a Shared User Disable My Ring Doorbell?

A shared user can access many features of your Ring Doorbell.

They can view saved videos, access the live motion recording feed, or start two-way communication. Access to particular aspects of the doorbell can also be granted or removed by the main user.

While this may allow them to disable motion notifications on the device, it will not allow them to disable your doorbell completely.

A shared user cannot access the system settings of a Ring Doorbell or the account information. The same applies to guest users, who have the lowest tier of access to the doorbell.

Can a Stranger Access My Doorbell?


A stranger can only get access to the feed from your recording device through an invitation from the owner. To do this, you would need their email, and to send them an invite.

They will then become a shared user and will only have access to what is granted by you as the owner.

To become the owner of the device, they would then need a specific ID and your email address. You will also have a specific PIN number to arm and disarm the doorbell’s alarm system. A stranger cannot access and disable your alarms without this.

The video doorbell cannot be accessed manually either. You will get a notification of motion detection before a stranger manages to fiddle with your device and try to disable it.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using a Ring Doorbell?

woman using the doorbell


  • It is a great modern technological security system.
  • The mobile app’s interface is user-friendly.
  • Notification, motion detection, and motion recording can be disabled at the push of a button.
  • The doorbell can only be accessed if the owner has granted permission.
  • If you miss a notification, the incident will be recorded and logged in the event history.
  • Two-way communication and live video can help you identify who is at the door.


  • Some arguments have been made for privacy concerns.
  • The doorbell chime on your mobile device can get annoying.
  • The motion detection sensitivity can pick up irrelevant movement.


There you have it, a comprehensive guide on how to turn off Ring doorbell alerts.

Whether you want to disable small features like the pesky notifications for a short period, or completely remove permission for your doorbell to record motion, there are ais a variety of different methods to try, all from the convenience of your mobile app.

So what are your opinions on the Ring Doorbell?

Have you turned off motion detection or does the added sense of security put you at ease?

Let us know in the comments below.

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