How To Tell If A Security Camera Is Real

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When it comes to security cameras, a real camera is the way to go. A fake camera can give you a sense of security and possibly deter criminals, but that is about all they can do. With a real camera, there is the deterrent, and there is also coverage, should there be a crime.

In a world where there are so many cameras, it can feel like your privacy is being invaded. We have done some research on how you can spot a fake camera. This should help you determine the times you are being filmed and the times you are not being protected.

Never again will you park your car in front of a fake camera and fall victim to a false sense of security.

How To Tell If A Security Camera Is Real 2

The Main Differences Between A Real Security Camera And A Fake One

LED Lights

Most modern security cameras come with night vision. It is fine being able to film during the day but the night is where the action is. When it comes to low light and nighttime, modern cameras will have a blinking LED light to aid with the light levels.

If you have a camera with a blinking light, it is probably real, but not always. Many fake cameras also have blinking lights to fool you. The key is to notice when the light is blinking. If the LED light blinks all of the time, then it is probably fake. If it only blinks at night, it is likely real. Real cameras also have LED lights which are not overly bright and obvious.

The Cover

When looking at the security camera, ask yourself, does it look fake? Real cameras cost a lot of money and some of that cost goes into the materials used. Real cameras will use high-quality materials to protect the electronics inside. Fake cameras are cheap, and you can often see that.

Look for waterproof materials and metal in real cameras. Look for cheap plastic in fake cameras. If it does not look like a high-quality camera, then it is likely a fake.

The Installation

Look at the camera and ask yourself if this is an appropriate place for a security camera. The camera is going to be outdoors and subjected to the elements. Is the camera high-quality and made from materials which will protect it? Is the camera situated in a protected or shielded area? Have the users done anything to help protect the electronics inside or do they not care because it is a fake camera?

Look at the wires that are connected to the camera. Are they exposed to the elements too?

The Wires

Many fake cameras have wires protruding, so that is not always an indicator that the camera is real. Take a look at the wires. Do they look real and high quality? Do they look too obvious? Many high-quality cameras will conceal the wires and keep them unexposed. If a wire looks like it has been placed purposely on the camera for the sake of it, then it is likely a fake.

The Model

There are many common fake cameras out there. It only takes a quick google search to find out which models are fake and which are real. Know the common fakes and be able to spot them easily.

This is also a good tip for those thinking about using a fake camera. If you use a common fake, then criminals are not going to be deterred.

How To Tell If A Security Camera Is Real 3

The Markings

When you are searching online for common fake models of security cameras, take note of the brands which are also fake. When you look at a security camera, you may be able to tell just by the brand name whether the camera is fake or not.

If there is no brand name on the camera, that is also a good indication that the camera is a fake.

The Movement

Many fake cameras will move as if they are tracking something. This is usually an in-built motion, and the movement is predictable. If you watch a camera and the motion is the same over and over, then the camera is likely a fake.

Real cameras do not usually have motion sensors and will record everything in front of them without moving. If the camera does not move, it may not prove that it is real, but a moving camera is likely to be a fake one.

Take everything together, and you should have no problem spotting a fake security camera.

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