How Small Can A Hidden Camera Be?

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When we get into the realms of small hidden cameras, we are starting to talk about spy cameras. You know, the ones which replace a button on a jacket in a movie or can be attached to a pen — cameras like that. The question is, can cameras be that small in real life?

We set out to find out exactly that. If you want to know just how small a hidden camera can get, then read on.

What Is The Smallest Hidden Camera?

The truth is that spy cameras can be smaller than your fingernail. These cameras can record an entire room, if they are set up in the right place, and can record audio too. It is almost too small to believe, but it is true.

There are actually a variety of cameras which are small enough to be placed in a room without being noticed. They can be attached to clothing, hidden inside of bags, or placed inside of a plant pot if you really want to feel like a spy in a movie.

What Is The Smallest Hidden Camera

Many of these cameras can be attached to a power source as they record so that you never have to worry about charging them. You can keep them running for as long as you like.

Modern cameras can also broadcast images and sound through Bluetooth. Many will come with a microSD card for storing footage, with 32GB being a common size.

So, there you have it. When you were thinking about small security cameras, you probably did not think about a camera so small.

What To Look For In A Small Security Camera

As with everything in life, all products are not created equally. This can be especially true with technology, including security cameras. If you are looking for a small security camera, then there are some things which you should pay attention to.

Small security cameras are just that: small. With something so small, the trade-off between features can be vital. So, what should you look for when investing in a tiny security camera?


If you are looking for a small security camera to be placed in a room, and do not mind if the camera is seen or not, then you do not need to worry about how the camera looks. You do not even need to worry about the size of the camera. The smaller the camera, the less technology will be able to fit into the unit, so that could be something to think about.

If you need the camera for a specific purpose, then there are a variety of designs out there from which you can choose. Look for a camera which blends into the surroundings. There are some cameras which will fit a specific purpose, so that is something to look at too.

Audio Recording

How vital is the audio to your recording? You have two main options here. You can buy a camera which will record the audio for playback later or you can choose a camera which will stream the audio to you via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

You can also stream the video if you wish. If you need the audio or video immediately, then look for a camera which can stream to your device.

Weight & Size

Weight & Size

We already talked about the size of the device and fitting the device into the setting, but the weight can be equally important. Decide where the camera is going to go and think about if the weight is going to be an issue. Look for a camera which can be hidden if you need it to be.

Battery Life

Do you need to record for a long time? You may want to invest in a spy camera which can be hooked up to a main source of power. If that is not possible, then look for a camera with a long battery life.

If you are not worried about battery life, then you can save some money by choosing a model with a shorter battery life.

What Else?

One thing which can be particularly handy is night vision. Again, this will depend on your needs. Where is your camera situated and what is it recording? If you need night vision, then invest in it.

Another common option is motion detection. Do you want the camera only to record when there is motion in the room? Make that a priority in your camera choice.

Decide what you need and find the camera that fits those needs.

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