How High To Mount Ring Video Doorbell

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If you are thinking of adding a doorbell to your front door, you should consider a smart doorbell, and for that, the Ring doorbell is a good choice. This product comes with many great features and can be added to your home WiFi system for increased security at your property.

In this article, we will take a look at this type of video doorbell and at what height you should install it for the best results. We will also take a look at how to install it and connect it to your home WiFi system to make your life easier.

To find out how high you should mount the Ring video doorbell at your home, keep on reading for the best method of installation.

What is a Ring Video Doorbell?

Before we can decide how to install the Ring video doorbell, let’s first find out what it is and how it works. Ring is a home security system that is owned by Amazon; they make security products that include video surveillance systems.

The Ring video camera is one of their newest smart systems that can be incorporated into any smart home setup for safety and convenience. This device can be installed in any home, even if there is no doorbell wiring present, which is great for condos and apartments.

This system comes with a smart app and a free option, or a paid option with extra services available for you.

How Does a Ring Video Doorbell Work?

To start with, it is a doorbell with many extras included to help keep you and your loved ones safe inside your home. It is a small external device that features a doorbell and an HD video camera that is activated by movement and the doorbell itself.

When the doorbell is pressed, the device will send an alert to your smartphone or any other smart home device, such as Alexa. This will allow you to speak with whoever is at your door via a two-way speaker system through the smartphone.

You are also able to see who is at the door with the HD video camera that is included in the system. This option will increase the security factor, allowing you to see if there is anyone with the wrong intent waiting for you at the door.

It will also help to show you if someone with malicious intent is lurking in the vicinity of your front door. This is possible because the Ring video doorbell comes with a motion detector included, so it will pick up any movement at the door.

This is also a good option if you are going away for a few days and someone tries to enter your home. They may think you are home when you answer the doorbell and that may scare them off to another target.

If you missed a doorbell ring, you can get caught up with the footage that is stored for later viewing.

Person stealing delivery package from porch steps, surveillance camera view

How High to Mount the Ring Video Doorbell

Installing this device at your home is not difficult and can be done by anyone with a little experience with this type of thing.

How to Install the Ring Video Doorbell

Follow these steps to get the Ring video doorbell installed and set up at your front door to increase your home safety.

  • You should start by charging the battery of the doorbell until it is fully charged (after installation, you can easily remove the battery when it runs out of power to recharge).
  • When it is fully charged, install the battery and give the system a chance to fully start up.
  • Download the app and other software that comes included with the Ring.
  • Remove the backplate of the doorbell to reveal the mounting holes to mount it to the wall.
  • You will find that there are four screws and four holes to attach to the wall.
  • Find a nice place with a flat surface where you can drill the four holes into the wall.
  • Make sure it is level before you mark the holes where you want to drill.
  • Drill the holes for the screws and mount the backplate to the wall.
  • When you are done with that, you can easily mount the doorbell on the bracket or backplate by inserting it into the designated place.
  • Make sure the little screws at the bottom of the doorbell are tightened so that it cannot be removed or stolen.

All the instructions can be found in the instructions manual, or you can find them in the app to show you every step of installation. You can also watch this video for the complete setup of your Ring video doorbell system to make it much easier for you.

What is the Correct Height to Mount the Ring Video Doorbell

To get the best results from your doorbell with a clear viewing option for the HD camera, you should mount it at about four feet. This is about 48 inches from the ground so the motion sensors will give you the correct feed and no false alerts.

This is the best height to mount your Ring video doorbell to allow the sensors to pick up anybody directly in front of your door. If it is not at the correct height, it might pick up movement further from your door and it will send you false alerts.

This allows the motion sensors to pick up movement from up to five feet away and at a 160-degree horizontal range. This height will also allow the camera a better viewing option to show you the face of the person approaching the door.

It is necessary because the camera has a wider viewing range than the motion sensors, and it will have a better vertical viewing range. For a clear view, you also need to adjust the horizontal angle of the camera to about 15 to 55 degrees.

If you still have a problem getting a clear view, there are kits available on the market to make this a bit easier. Newer versions of the Ring video doorbell come with a corner and wedge kit included to make the installation and adjustments an easy job.


You can see that it is not that difficult to install the Ring video doorbell at your front door to keep your home safe. It is also necessary to mount the video doorbell at the right height and angle so that you will have the best results from your device.

Hopefully, this information will make the Ring video doorbell more fun and help to secure your home.

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