HisEEu 4 Channel 1080P NVR Wireless Security Surveillance Cameras Review

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Technological advancements have led to everything becoming wireless, from cellphone chargers to earphones. So why shouldn’t your security system be wireless too?

Fewer wires means less time installing and increased safety as your children won’t run into or play with them. Wireless also doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the quality of your video. HisEEu 4 Channel 1080P NVR Security Surveillance Cameras ensure great footage and run for 24 hours while requiring less set up and maximizing safety.

It’s the right step to take if you want to keep your home safe, but also want the benefit from a wireless system.

HisEEu 4 Channel 1080P NVR Security Surveillance Cameras

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Everything about this HisEEu Wireless Security Surveillance System works together to ensure the perfect camera system for your home. It’s only been available since 2017 but has already become one of the top-selling security systems on the market.

With four 1.3MP cameras, you can set them up throughout your house and make sure every area is protected. These high-quality cameras guarantee clear video footage that is visible both day and night due to the built-in night vision capabilities.

The best part is the cameras are wireless. Although you do need to plug the receiver in, each camera doesn’t need any cables to work. This means you can easily set them up, wherever you like, without having to drill holes in your walls or worry about loose cables on your floors.

An added bonus is you can link your cameras to an app so you can view the video footage even when you’re not at home. This gives you extra security as you can make sure your home and family are safe even while you’re on holiday or at work. It’s the perfect solution to securing your safety.

Who Is This Product For?

If you have young children and keeping them safe is one of your primary concerns, then this is the security system for you. The wireless system means there are fewer loose cables that are dangerous and will harm your children during their playtime.

Easy installation means you can set up the system quickly and without hassle. You can reposition the cameras to ensure your children have the best protection because you have an excellent view of their environment, whether you’re viewing from the kitchen or your office far away.

Even if you don’t have any children, this system is still beneficial. If you’re busy, the quick set-up means you can still secure your house without cutting into your relaxation time. The app means your house is protected even when you’re stuck at work after hours.

You can even set up this system in your office. Without the need to drill holes, you can make sure your business park is protected, both indoors and outdoors, without the need of asking permission to install items in a rented property.

What’s Included?

Along with four cameras, a 4CH wireless video recorder and a 1T hard drive, the HisEEu Security Surveillance box includes:

  • 4 10-ft. power supply power adaptors for cameras
  • 3-ft. power supply for video recorder
  • Mouse
  • 3-ft network cable
  • HDMI cable

All of these items are necessary to help you set up. The package also contains a user’s manual so you know how to use it and two warning stickers.

Overview of Features

These are a few of the HisEEu Wireless Security Surveillance System’s most remarkable features.

IP66 weatherproof

Durability and design of cameras ensure they will continue working despite bad weather conditions.

1.3 MP cameras

High-quality video footage guaranteed.

1T hard drive

Cameras can store up to 20 hrs. of footage.

Night vision

Cameras continue to run day and night to make sure your home is always protected.


Reduces the need for cables that create dangerous environments.

App compatible

You can keep an eye on your home no matter where you are.


Installing the HisEEu Wireless Security Surveillance System is very simple. Ensure all cables are correctly connected to the receiver and the receiver is picking up the cameras. Here’s a video to show you just how quick and easy installation is.


  • Easy to set up
  • Each camera automatically pairs to receiver
  • Quality night vision recording
  • Files named by the day
  • Good picture quality
  • Wide view angle


  • Laggy live video
  • Very basic app functions
  • Retriever must be wired to the modem


The HisEEu Wireless Security Surveillance System is already one of the cheapest security options available, but if you would prefer a cheaper alternative you can try the ZOSI 8CH Security Camera System. Although it’s wired, it’s a more affordable option making it a wise budget option.


Nowadays, security is a must have. Crime rates continue to increase so installing a security system in your home ensures you and your family have the extra protection that will give you peace of mind.

Not only will the HisEEu Wireless Security Surveillance System guarantee you’re able to watch over your home, but the wireless set up ensures there’s no dangerous environment. This creates additional safety, especially for your children.

Why do you want to stay wired?

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