5 Best Wired Security Camera Systems

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Everyone has their own idea about the best type of home security. Some think that simply locking their doors is enough; others get a big dog to make them feel secure. We know, however, that truly being safe goes deeper than just having the right lock on your door or a big dog.

Investing in the best wired security camera system for your house can help to protect your property by recording everything that happens in critical areas of your home. With the footage gathered from your camera system, you can catch thieves, vandals, and more. Let’s explore the top options that are available in this category in 2021.

Best Wired Security Camera System Reviews

Comparison Chart

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True 5MP SANSCO Expandable 8CH Home Security Camera System with 1TB HDD, 4Pcs 2K HD Wired CCTV Outdoor Waterproof Cameras, 8 Channel DVR for 24/7 Recording, Instant Email/APP Push Alert, Remote Access
41uOmkHUS L. SL500
Reolink 16CH 5MP PoE Security Camera System, 8pcs Wired 5MP Outdoor PoE IP Cameras, 5MP 16-Channel NVR with 3TB HDD for Home and Business 24/7 Recording, RLK16-410B8-5MP
51Ana8bwz+S. SL500
XVIM (No HDD) 1080P H.264 Home Wired Security Cameras System, 8CH 1080P HD DVR 8pcs 1080P 1920TVL Outdoor Indoor Waterproof Surveillance Cameras with Live Viewing 85FT Night Vision
41rc59mUWyL. SL500
A-ZONE Security Camera System 4 Channel 1080P DVR 4X 960P HD Waterproof Night Vision Indoor/Outdoor Home CCTV Video Wired Surveillance Kits, Customizable Motion Detection,Pre-Installed 2TB HDD
51+MQg1Q0XL. SL500
ZOSI H.265+ 1080p Home Security Camera System Outdoor Indoor, 5MP Lite 8 Channel DVR Recorder and 8 x 1080p Weatherproof CCTV Bullet Dome Camera, Remote Access, Motion Alerts (1TB Hard Drive Built-in)

1. Sansco Pro CCTV Security Camera System

51 BHTiShaL. SL500

First up is the Sansco Pro CCTV Security Camera System. This system offers some of the best recording speeds and quality among wired systems that are currently on the market. Find out below if this is the security solution that you are looking for.


The Sansco Pro CCTV Security Camera System is a four-channel, wired home security system that comes with four 1080p cameras. These cameras can record in 1080p, and the video isn’t compressed lower than this when stored. This means that you can watch it back in the highest resolution possible.

One of the best things about this set is the quality night vision feature that it comes with. Even if something is 15 to 20 meters away from the camera, you will still be able to get a clear picture of what it is. Similar to the quality of the night vision, the quality of the daytime recording is also excellent.

This wired security camera system has some of the fastest speeds around. You can even hook up the cameras to your phone, computer, and other devices to watch a live feed. These feeds will rarely show any lag because of the high transfer speed of the cameras and their receiver.

Finally, the receiver on this model is built for easy upgrades. While there is a 1TB hard drive preinstalled in the device to record your security footage, there is room in the device’s case to install up to 6TB of storage easily.


  • Incredible picture quality
  • Very easy set up for devices and apps
  • Included cables are very long
  • Can enable mobile and email notifications
  • Great value for money


  • Included hardware could be more durable
  • App has user interface issues
  • No audio

41uOmkHUS L. SL500

The Reolink 16CH PoE Home Security System is a 16-channel system that can help you to catch every single angle of your home, but is it easy to set up and use? Let’s find out!


The first thing that you’re likely to notice about this particular home security system is the high-level cameras that are included with the kit. Each of the eight included cameras is a 2560 x 1920 super HD camera, and this will ensue that you will be able to see everything that is happening in supreme clarity.

The five-megapixel cameras also have 100-ft. night vision capabilities, which is standard in this price point. Still, it’s a great thing to have when you want to capture everything that’s happening in and around your property, day or night. Another bonus of this setup is that the video is transmitted over high-quality cables that will not overly compress or downgrade the quality of the footage.

This is a 16-channel system, which means that you can hook up to eight additional cameras if you want to record more of your property. The system has 3TB of installed hard drives, which is enough to record an incredible seven days of 24 hour footage from eight cameras. You can continue to upgrade the amount of storage as well.

Finally, it’s important to note that you can only playback on up to four cameras at one time. While you can export and view all of the footage, it is not possible to play back all of the footage at one time without making adjustments and adding more components.


  • Intuitive, easy-to-use menus
  • Easy for anyone to set up
  • Quality hardware and mounting system
  • Useful and responsible customer support
  • High-definition recordings


  • Power supply durability issues

3. XVIM 8CH 4-in-1 DVR Home Security

51Ana8bwz+S. SL500

Next is the XVIM 8CH 4-in-1 DVR Home Security. How does this differ from our previous options?


XVIM advertises this home security system as one of the easiest wired systems to set up yourself. While every home system is going to require some level of learning about wires and cameras, this kit has everything that you need in it to get started right away. With instructions and help from support, you can truly set this up on your own.

The night vision on the included cameras in this set only reach up to 85 feet with the reduced IR LED power compared to some comparable models. But then again, this 85-ft. field of vision is more than enough to monitor most properties.

This XVIM home security kit allows you to monitor your cameras remotely, and you can also set up motion detector alerts by email or mobile notification. When something strange is detected at the property, you will know right away.

Finally, you can add up to eight additional cameras to this DVR setup with ease. All of the inputs that you need are ready to go, so you can be, too.


  • Super high-resolution cameras
  • Can add up to 8 total cameras
  • Quality night vision
  • Can adjust the angle of the cameras
  • Can connect to your phone and other devices


  • Can be difficult to reset the password after initial setup
  • Some instructions are confusing
  • Buggy motion detection recording

4. A-ZONE 4-Channel Security Camera System

41rc59mUWyL. SL500

While the A-ZONE 4-Channel Security Camera System is only a four-channel system, it has superb storage and style for the price. Let’s find out what else it can offer.


The A-ZONE Security Camera System is a four-channel set-up that includes all four cameras that you will need. The cameras are 1080P HD cameras, which record with a high level of detail to the DVR in your receiver. That DVR has 2TB of pre-installed storage space.

The included 2TB of storage will allow you to record with all four cameras, 24/7 for up to 30 days at the highest resolution. Plus, you can expand the storage up to 4TB, so you could, in theory, use this set-up to record for 60 straight days. That amount of 24/7 recording space is practically unheard of!

In addition to an immense amount of recording power, this A-ZONE system offers the ability to customize what areas of motion detection will send you an alert. This is incredibly useful for those who have pets or movement that happens in an area, and they do not want to get a lot of false alarms. Many systems do not have this feature.


  • High-quality customer support
  • Possible to install yourself
  • Looks very professional
  • Many options for remote connection
  • Multiple alarm settings available


  • Warranty issues
  • Confusing app usage
  • Confusing interfaces

5. ZOSI 8-Channel Home Security System

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The last system we are taking a closer look at today is the ZOSI 8-Channel Home Security System. How does this eight-channel setup compare to the four- and 16-channel models above? Read on to find out.


This eight-channel security system is one of the best budget choices on this list, and there are a lot of reasons for that. In addition to being able to upgrade things like the number of cameras and the storage in the DVR, the system can also be used as is. This means that you can get started with it right away and only improve the system as needed.

The four included cameras are all of decent quality. While they are not top-of-the-line HD cameras, they record with reasonable details so that you can accurately see what was or is happening on your property.

It should be noted, however, that the field of vision on these cameras is only 75°, with many homeowners preferring 105°. Depending on what areas you are trying to capture, these cameras may or may not be a good fit.


  • Clear pictures in both day and night
  • Easy to hook up to email and other recording systems
  • Combo video and power cords
  • Motion sensor alerts available


  • Glitchy app
  • Setting up requires trial and error
  • 75° view

Final Verdict

It can be overwhelming to try to sort through all of the options on the market and choose the best wired security camera system for your home. Despite the large number of options you have available, it is possible to make a final choice about this with some light research.

In our opinion, the best option is the Sansco Pro CCTV Security Camera System. While it is only a four-channel system, this model has all of the features that you will need in your first wired security system. If you prefer something that can have more cameras, then the Reolink 16CH PoE Home Security Camera System would be the top pick for you.

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