Best Hidden Nanny Cam of 2021: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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It doesn’t matter if you have a five-star nanny with raving reviews, you’re still going to want to check up and see how your little one is doing. That is why it’s not uncommon for parents to install nanny cams in their home.Having a nanny cam can help assure you that your nanny is doing their job and isn’t neglecting your child. It also gives you the chance to monitor your children’s behavior when you’re not around and make sure that they aren’t troubling your nanny. Hence, we will introduce you to the best hidden nanny cams of 2021.

Best Hidden Nanny Cam Reviews

Comparison Chart

51rJDpNXUBL. SL500
Spy Camera Hidden WiFi Photo Frame 1080P Hidden Security Camera Night Vision and Motion Detect Wireless IP Nanny Camera with One Year Battery Standby Time and Instant Alerts to Smartphone (Video Only)
314gv7Y3yVS. SL500
Hidden Mini Spу Camera with Audio and Video Live Feed WiFi with Cell Phone App Wireless Recording -1080P HD Mini Nanny Cams Wireless with Night Vision and Motion Detection Built-in Battery
41PN2dtsYyL. SL500
DENT USB Hidden Spy Charger Camera WiFi Live Streaming – 1080P HD Camcorder with Remote View, Motion Detection, Pet Nanny Spy Security Cam, Support 128GB SD
41WVO0GfbsS. SL500
USB Charger with 1080P WiFi Spy Camera Hidden Camera Mini Camera Nanny Camera with Motion Detection, Loop Recording for Home and Office Security Surveillance Without Night Vision
41WzCGi1QkL. SL500
Spy Camera, WiFi Hidden Cameras Mini Phone Charger 1080P Wireless Spy Cam, Portable Nanny Cam with Night Vision, Motion Detection, Security Surveillance Camera Video Recording for Live Remote View

1. FUVISION Spy Camera

51rJDpNXUBL. SL500

A hidden nanny cam isn’t effective unless it can go undetected. The FUVISION comes in the shape of a picture frame and makes spying on your nanny easier. With its decorative design, you’ll be able to place the picture frame in plain sight; place it in critical areas of your home where you know there will be activity.


Here’s an overview of the features of the FUVISION Spy Camera.

Motion detection sensor

The system comes with a built-in motion sensor, and typically, the camera’s storage system can become full when there are no motion sensors. Not only do these sensors save valuable space, but they also cut down on energy consumption.

Anytime there’s motion where the camera is monitoring, the device will switch online and start to record; if there’s no activity, the camera will turn off and be in a standby mode.

HD resolution

All video is recorded in 1080p resolution, which is high enough to see smaller details in the video. The lens captures up to 25 feet away from the camera, which enables you to catch details from a distance.

You do not need to worry about blurry objects moving around or not being able to see what’s happening; the 1080p resolution is sufficient enough to see small details on video.

Night vision

On top of the high definition, there’s also night vision which can help illuminate the screen when it gets dark. This enables you to keep track of your little one even if all the lights are off.

Battery life

The battery has approximately 30 hours of continuous recording and will need to be recharged every other day if not on standby mode. However, if you’re using motion detection, the camera may last up to two years without a recharge.


There’s a 12-month warranty on the FUVISION which covers basic issues. If you happen to experience any glitches or the camera isn’t operating as needed, contact the company, and they’ll be able to assist you with the problem.


  • Energy efficient
  • Records in HD video
  • Works day and night
  • Extended battery life
  • Uses motion detection


  • All video recorded to SD card

2. FADEPLEX Hidden Spy Camera

314gv7Y3yVS. SL500

The FADEPLEX is a small hidden camera that has a built-in magnet. Place it on metal drawers or mount it on the wall; either way, you can use it to monitor any room in your home.

The small size enables it to be placed between objects or hide it somewhere else. Use it to monitor your children’s room when you’re not home.


Here’s an overview of the features of the FADEPLEX Hidden Spy Camera.

HD camera

The FADEPLEX records all videos in 1920 x 1080p quality at 30 fps. This will allow you to have a clear vision of everything that is going on in your home.

Night vision

The camera also includes six lightless infrared LED lights that help the camera take video in pitch black. The night vision can see up to 10 m in the distance, and the angle view of the camera is at 150 degrees.

Motion detection

Unfortunately, the motion detector on this device can only track motion up to 6 m away from the camera. If you have this setting turned on, the motion detector will take three pictures and send them via text alert to your phone.

Supports multiple users

Multiple users can download the app and be logged into the same account. This enables you and others to log in and access the live stream.


  • High-resolution video
  • Can be used day and night
  • iOS and Android supportive
  • Motion updates


  • Needs to stay plugged in for no interruptions

3. Dent USB Charger Camera

41PN2dtsYyL. SL500

The Dent is a hidden camera that is designed to look like a USB device. The small and compact design enables you to hide it in small places. However, you can also get away placing this down on the table, bookshelf, or in an office.


Here’s an overview of what the Dent USB Charger Camera offers.

Live feed

Sometimes it can be hard to see what’s going on because of lousy resolution quality. Luckily, the Dent features high-resolution video which streams at 1080p and runs at 30 fps. This ensures that you’re getting the best possible picture and video.

Remote viewing

As long as you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can connect to the live stream and watch what is happening from the device. You’ll also be able to switch between multiple cameras if they are supported and connected to the app.

Easy-to-use app

The app enables you to change settings, and you can toggle between low light modes and other settings. Use this to lower video settings, change internet connection, or to take a photo of what’s going on in the live stream.

Memory card

The memory card has a 128 GB capacity which saves footage until it starts to run out of space. Once it does, it will begin to loop and overlap any video taken at the beginning of the recording.


  • Connect multiple devices
  • Easy to install
  • HD video resolution
  • Motion detection


  • Not good in low lit conditions

4. LIVCRT Hidden Camera

41WVO0GfbsS. SL500

Video surveillance can keep your home protected from any unfortunate mishaps. Having a device to check on your home when you’re away can make you feel better. This small camera is designed to be hidden away from your nanny. Use it to spy on kids, pets, or the elderly.


Here’s an overview of what the LIVCRT Hidden Camera offers.

HD resolution

If you want crisp and clear video, then you’ll be glad to know that this camera features 1080p quality. This enables you to see what is going on in your home without hassles; no longer will you be limited by lousy resolution.

Easy to install

The device needs to be placed near an outlet in order to record. Plug the device in and the camera will start recording video of what’s going on in its field of view.

Memory card

The device has 32-GB micro SD card that will record a video for up to 6-8 hours. After the footage is recorded, the device will then start to record over the oldest footage.


You can use one of the USB chargers included to charge your device while it’s recording.


  • Compact
  • Can be hidden away
  • Comes in a kit
  • HD video quality
  • Can charge and record


  • Hard to position to see a full room

5. Smile Tronics Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Wall Charger

41WzCGi1QkL. SL500

The last product on our list is another hidden camera that you can place inside a bedroom or office to spy on your children, nanny, or employees. Simply plug in the wall charger, and the camera will start recording. This is an excellent way to keep an eye on your children when you’re away, as it’s near ground level.


Here’s an overview of the features of the Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Wall Charger.

Remote app control

As long as the Smile Tronics Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Wall Charger is connected to an internet connection of 2.4 GHz or more, then the live video will continue to stream. The app also has multiple controls for you to change the motion sensitivity and brightness, as well as change text alarms.

Loop recording

Similar to many devices, this one also features loop recording. It stores all of the recorded videos onto a micro SD card and will loop and record over itself when it hits max capacity.

HD resolution

The HD resolution can be a big plus if you’re trying to keep eyes on a younger one. You’ll be able to see all details clearly with its 1080p resolution.

Motion detection

To help conserve energy and not waste SD space, the camera will automatically go into standby mode when there’s no motion in the room. Once there’s motion, the camera will turn on and start recording. You’ll automatically be updated every time there’s a motion alert.


  • HD video
  • Automatic updates
  • Complete control via app
  • Stores video


  • Hard to place naturally

Final Verdict

There are many more hidden nanny cams on the market, but these five just happen to be the top sellers of 2019. We’ve gone through each of cam’s the pros and cons and would have to say that the FADEPLEX Spy Hidden Camera is the best hidden nanny cam on this list.

The Joytrip includes multiple features you’d want in a nanny cam and comes with numerous cameras. This makes it easy to switch between different fields of view and enables you to monitor various rooms at once.

On top of that, it includes motion detection, night vision, and HD video. Overall, we’d say that if you’re looking for a “true” nanny cam, you can’t go wrong with the FADEPLEX.

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